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The MTAT is a short 25 minute web-based test that assesses the efficiency of an individual's performance in an abstract multitasking scenario. It is based on Dr. Susan Joslyn's Abstract Decision Making (ADM) laboratory task, which she created and evaluated in five research studies published with Dr. Earl Hunt in 1998. Drs. Joslyn and Hunt created the ADM by first identifying the cognitive demands placed on emergency dispatchers and then incorporating those demands into an abstract, content free environment. The ADM was further developed and evaluated by Dr. Susan Fischer Beers and Dr. Joslyn in eleven research studies to create a reliable, practical, and useful assessment of multi-tasking efficiency. Those studies showed that the new test, the MTAT, is very effective at predicting performance efficiency in certain jobs that require a high degree of multi-tasking ability.
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1 Joslyn, S., & Hunt, E. (1998) Evaluating individual differences in response to time-pressure situations. Journal o f Experimental Psychology: Applied, 4, 16-43.